Episode 004: Financial Talk with Andy Samoiloff

We’re all about caring for our furry patients, but who cares for you?! This episode is dedicated to your financial future – a topic that often gets swept under the rug, especially for those in our field. If you put aside $24 a week, that would be $24,960 in 20 years, and in 40 years, it would be $49,920.

What if I told you that in 20 years it could instead be $61,400 and in 40 years it could be $348,000, would you do it?

Better yet, add in most companies’ contributions, and that value will become $92,000 in 20 years and $522,000 in 40 years.

If you increase your weekly contribution by 5% each year, the value will become $131,000 in 20 years and reach $1 million in the 40th year!

This is the historical benefit of retirement planning and investing with the experts. Check out my conversation with Andy Samoiloff, where we discuss retirement planning and investing now to prepare ourselves for financial freedom in the future!

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