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Episode 006: Follow the MAP – It’s Truly a Work of Heart

Hey there, veterinary nurses and technicians! Welcome back to another episode of The CARES VetMed Podcast! Today, we’re exploring the crucial role of mean arterial pressure (MAP) monitoring during general anesthesia. We all know monitoring blood pressure is essential, but why is MAP so crucial? How do we calculate it? And what can it tell … Read more

Episode 004: Financial Talk with Andy Samoiloff

We’re all about caring for our furry patients, but who cares for you?! This episode is dedicated to your financial future – a topic that often gets swept under the rug, especially for those in our field. If you put aside $24 a week, that would be $24,960 in 20 years, and in 40 years, … Read more

Episode 003: Turn Up the Heat – Keeping Our Patients Warm (and Safe!)

In this episode, we’re discussing a topic that can sometimes be overlooked but is critically important: thermoregulation! We all know that our patients can get a bit chilly during surgery, but how much do we really understand about what’s happening beneath the surface? In this episode, we’re diving into the fascinating world of body temperature, … Read more

The CARES VetMed Podcast

Who Cares???

The Comprehensive Anesthesia Review and Education Series for Veterinary Medicine (CARES VetMed) podcast is on its way! Here’s a sneak peek into the podcast’s goals and what to expect with each upcoming episode. Let’s do this! Find us on your favorite platform

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